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I am a New Zealander and the author of over forty novels, contemporary, historical and science fiction. Latest news and pictures about my books will be brought to you here.

Wisps Trilogy- Book 1
Wisps Trilogy- Book 1

Karla Spicer finds her position as Senior Teacher at Tui Park Primary School in Wellington, New Zealand's capital, is hindered by the Associate Principal Val Cook, who resents her progressive ideas.


Karla becomes romantically involved with Ryan Purdon, the school's property manager and he tells her about problems back at Top Plateau, a tiny school near his family farm where he grew up. After being approached by the Ministry of Education, Karla agrees to take the acting principal's position there and Ryan goes with her to stay in his farmhouse.


It appears that the problems are intertwined with Karla being the kingpin and more than just a teacher striving to do the best for the children under her care.


Wisps of Cloud is at all top ebook outlets including:- Apple Amazon Xinxii


Book 2 - Wisps of Snow:- Smashwords


Book 3- Wisps of Wisdom:- Finished & will be published soon so catch up with the first two novels. All $US2.99