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I am a New Zealander and the author of over forty novels, contemporary, historical and science fiction. Latest news and pictures about my books will be brought to you here.

On Our Way Again
On Our Way Again

With The Druid’s Daughter, a historical novel and Wisps of Cloud, contemporary novel completed this year we have spent a month placing our ebooks on new sites. We now have 17 on Google Play but found that one has to manually add a description for each book. This has been done but will take a while to appear. Oh well!


I hope those of you with an Android tablet try some.  Got an IPad? Go to iTunes where  nearly all our ebooks are. Kindle? Yes, they’re there too. Kobo? Sure! Sony Reader? Of course.  (Also at Smashwords, BookieJar, Xinxii and Firstyfish for UK readers ) You can’t say we don’t try to place our books everywhere.


So what now? Well, we’re starting a new science fiction novel, Acid Air. We’ve done a cover and written a chapter . It  could be out this year but more probably next. Meanwhile, if you’re a sci/fi fan  try one of our other novels shown above .


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