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I am a New Zealander and the author of over forty novels, contemporary, historical and science fiction. Latest news and pictures about my books will be brought to you here.

Ross Richdale's  Latest Novell
Ross Richdale's Latest Novell

The fourth novel in the Ancient Ancestors Series

In 450 AD there was no United Kingdom, the Romans had left Britannia a generation before and the land was ruled by dozens of waring pagan kingdoms. This left the way open for different invaders from across the sea. Saxons arrived and violently overran Glouvia Kingdom in the southwest where nurse Kyla O'Knife was helping survivors of a recent plague, wounded warriors and civilians in distress.


However, fate was about to deal Kyla a hand. Whether it was good or bad was still to be determined when Kyla was summoned to the dying king's bed and informed that she was his daughter by one of his wives. The entire royal family had been assassinated so after the king's death she became Crown Princess Kyla and ruler of Glouvia.


This was a pyrrhic position for the Saxons now ruled the kingdom. They wanted her dead to discontinue the royal family line and she became a refugee. After rescuing enslaved women, Kyla who was helped by independent forest people, headed towards the hill country and sanctuary at a Christian monastery.


Her troubles were not over for Llandover Monastery had been hit by the plague and only one monk survived. He was Brother Anthony who declared that the sacred building was for males only and women were not permitted.


How did Kyla persuade Brother Anthony to let the women and herself in? What problems were there with a clash of beliefs and personalities? And what of the land left behind?

Kyla was determined to help and set about to do just that.


This is her story.


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