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I am a New Zealander and the author of over forty novels, contemporary, historical and science fiction. Latest news and pictures about my books will be brought to you here.

Science Fiction Novel
Science Fiction Novel

Zorell Norwell lives in a divided country on Terra. She is a Pioneer while the opposing government are Theists. They are humans too but their values and life philosophies are based on ancient superstitions that have been long discarded by the modern society of  the North Redstone enclave in which she lives. Nothing can be proved but researchers suggest that the humans came from another world beyond the clouds.


Zorell is surprised when a Theist bishop named Cyrano Palas gives them an ancient script that tells of secret bases that hold the key to their world's history.


Though suspicious of the bishop she sets out with Evan, Corban and an elderly Lei to find the closest base. On the way they meet a swarm of gigantic intelligent bees who need help to rescue enslaved Anneke who takes them to the base. Inside, is a computer controlled hovercraft.


They set out to find the rest of the secrets and travel back in time to when their ancestors first arrived but why was the truth held from them?